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The time has come for every power user to go off the grid completely and consider alternative power solutions. With electricity prices set to soar by between 30% to 45% over the next three years, there’s arguably no better time to invest in alternative power solutions then now.


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No Load Shedding

Become self-sufficient and power your business or home through the “dark" times.

No Price Increases

Eskom had a 13.8% tariff increase for 2019/2020 with a possible future-increase of 30-40%.

No Poor Maintenance

Our systems require very little or NO maintenance from inception.

EcoFlow RIVER Series

The world's fastest charging portable power station.

Keep all your devices powered on at once with a detachable extra battery, you have up to 576Wh of capacity that charges to full in a record-breaking 96 minutes flat.


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2022 guide to alternative power solutions.

Power Solutions Systems

With Eskom’s unreliable power supply and hefty price hikes, ongoing Load Shedding and internal problems the African homeowners are starting to consider alternative energy sources.

Bank Financed

With major banks offering a facility of 12 months to 96 month rentals.


Always make sure your inverter is the correct size and can be added if required to the system should you want to expand.

Lithium Battery

Make sure its Lithium and can be added at any time to increase battery capacity storage. 

WiFi Connected

Make sure you have access to cloud connect its much easier to check a system remotely and reset if required will save you money for call outs etc.

System One

PV Solar Battery and Generator – the system will operate as designed by producing energy from PV Panels and using in daytime in the home or business whilst storing excess energy in the battery bank for use after sunset and bad weather, The purpose of the generator is to keep battery bank charged when reaching set point ensuring 100% Usage irrespective of the weather or time of day.


System Two

Power on Generator replaces all PV Solar panels and only require rated battery one supplied with unit. This system operates on a looping pulse arrangement and maintains battery charge whilst using the battery to operate. The peak rating can be used at any point without interruption. The system require electrician to install with transfer switch as same with solar installations should you remain connected to the Grid. These units are in sizes 3Kw, 5Kw, 8Kw, 12Kw and 16Kw. Each unit can operate with 9 units in Series to build capacity.


System Three

Micro Sonic Energy Device operates like the POG and designed more around commercial and industrial applications. This unit works on frequency and provides continuous power supply without PV SOLAR or additional Storage. Sized from 100Kw units to 500Kw Units.


Need to keep the lights on?

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