Office Solutions

TWS’s office solutions are an ideal fit for small to large business environments. Discover our wide range of products from black and white or colour printing to more complex document workflows with our multifunction printers. We have added numerous new solutions to ensure that all products and services required within a business are provided.


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Efficient Service

Designated technicians working on a maximum 4-hour turnaround time.

Toner Alerts

Toner alerts are setup via network to allow for seamless toner delivery.

Guaranteed Quality

High quality parts and service guaranteed every time.

Office Product Offering

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Printers & Copiers

From entry level A4 mono printers to A3 1200 x 1200 dpi colour copiers, we have it all. From home use to corporate, we have a selection of equipment able to assist any individual who requires a document solution.


Wide Format Printers

Create stunning, high quality output on papers, vinyl, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, and many other materials using Epson professional imaging printers.


VOIP Solutions

Our VoIP and SIP enabled phone systems make sure you are ready for today’s business communication environment and help maintain a competitive advantage.


CCTV Security

Monitor your Office&Home from the comfort of your mobile device. All our CCTV Systems offer the latest in surveillance technology.


Business Infrastructure

Whether it’s a new server to handle growth, a laptop for your receptionist or even a projector for the boardroom, chances are we stock it.



No matter what your shred-volume requirements are, what media you need to shred, or what level of DIN-security you need to apply, we have the perfect solution for you.


Pressure Sealers

Designed to seal documentation. It is a system that is comprised of a one page self-sealing document and a pressure sealer for sealing the document.

Franking Machines

Managing the postal process and expenses of a company has become a challenge for modern businesses. Franking systems support a cost-effective, efficient and secure method of paying postage.

Folding & Inserting

Folding and inserting machines are designed to fold and insert paper into envelopes, in a cost effective manner that and have generally low labour requirements.

Air Purifiers

From small to large scale. These machines can filter the air of allergens, spores, dust, and more and essentially allowing a “safer” work environment with less “off-sick” staff.


When the humidity exceeds this percentage, bacteria and mold can grow. This can trigger respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma.

Interactive Whiteboards

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of whiteboards is their ability to be interactive. Students/Employees learn best when they are fully engaged, and hands-on learning is one of the best ways to do that.

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