With South Africa’s crime statistics up 20% for the first half of 2022 and continuously increasing, it is only normal that we begin to look towards protecting our homes, businesses and schools even more. Even with private security companies on guard, alarm systems, security gates, electric fences and burglar guards, you are not as safe as possible without the use of CCTV cameras!

What are CCTV cameras?

Did you know that CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras were first developed in 1942 by German scientists to monitor the launch of the V2 rockets and later they were used by American scientists during the testing of the atomic bomb…interesting right?

However, recently, CCTV cameras are more commonly used to deter and detect criminal activities. They allow you the ‘step up’ in security as they give you the ability to be proactive should you witness any untoward activity at your property. They are also helpful for insurance purposes and assist in apprehending perpetrators should something occur.

Where are CCTV cameras needed?

Schools: From vandalism to deterring individuals, CCTV within a school is a vital security aspect to avoid any unfavourable situations and to protect children to the very best of your ability. It also gives parents greater peace of mind.

Business: Protect your business from stock theft, looting and loss as well as increase your employee safety – it is a must for any business!

Home: Protect your home and your family throughout the day with the latest in surveillance technology! Prevent break ins and prevent anyone from accessing your private property or even your vehicles.

How can we, at TWS Digital, help you? 

With our latest CCTV camera options, we can help you install the very best CCTV system for your home, business or school. We can set up your system so that you can monitor your premises from the comfort of your mobile device no matter where you are in the world and it can be available to you 24/7.

With us at TWS, we are on hand should you need any help with your CCTV camera systems and we can also ensure that we set up a payment system that best works for you.

Be proactive, be tech-wise and be as safe as possible with TWS and CCTV surveillance!