What is Print Management Software? 

Print management software is a software system designed for the effective management and optimisation of print devices and related processes. It is useful in the management of the volume and nature of print materials. It also gives options for user authentication for accessing printers and other document print services. It works to effectively control the print queues and provides secure methods of printing which every business is after, even us at TWS!

How can organisations benefit from print management software?

Print management software is one of the many ways in which you can ensure the profitability, sustainability and an improved ecological footprint of your business. It refers to the use of software which allows your business to centralise administration and lower the cost of printing by providing tools to better monitor, control and maintain the entire printer fleet from a single user interface. We understand the administrative struggles which many businesses face daily and we are here to provide solutions.

Top reasons for implementing print management software into your business starting now: 

You can start cutting down on your waste and carbon footprint:
Print management software promotes responsible printing and cuts down on paper, toner and power usage costs by using quotas and print policies. 

You can apply your print polices across enterprises or branches:
Print management software
works by intercepting printing requests at the print server to control tasks according to the policies which promote, and put into motion, good behavior. Task filtering is also used to implement policies and improve the way devices are used. For example, you may send larger tasks dedicated to high-speed printers, where display pop-ups ask users to confirm single sided output and automatically delete print jobs with incorrect paper sizes or automatically suggest an alternative printer when a device is offline. This saves our business and employees time and money!

Solve the mobile and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ printing debacle:
Print management software
allows users to print from whatever mobile and ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) they have. We understand that the world is a more instant space than ever before and have adapted our processes and software to suit. So, no matter the operating system used, their location, the file format or the brand of print, print management software can solve all of these concerns while integrating in the print charges, accounting and quota process.

It can ensure document and device security which is greatly needed today:
Print management software
protects confidential documents and lessens the volume of unclaimed printouts to ensure users release print jobs only at the point of printing. Print management can also be set up to need a print approval which ensures that managers, teachers or systems authorise the printing of any jobs and this
secure print release requires user authentication before printing. This ensures that only authorised users can print and collect sensitive documents… Enter POPIA! Finally, by having print management software set up, you can protect your network from external threats.

Check and report usage daily:
With print management software, you can have real-time monitoring and reports to address all areas of printing, copying, faxing and scanning, ranging from detailed page logs to summaries according to departments, devices, users and the environmental impact too! You can personalize your reports to use your own headers, customize data by specifying the date ranges and filter and sort the data available to you daily while having them automatically generated and emailed to you too!

Print management software can be implemented swiftly:
Installation wizards install the server software and then automatically detect printers on your network. You can then get to work creating users and groups automatically from directory services.

Manage your printing easily with central administration:
Print management software
provides browser-based administration access from any network location which gives corporations an advanced administration and configuration option in an intuitive user-interface. Users can have access to their very own real-time activity which enables them to query account balances, view transactions and transfer credit to other users simultaneously. 

You can scale up with ease:
You can re-work your print management software to work with a network of all sizes! Go from hundreds to thousands of users with ease and control! 

In order to set up your company’s very own print management software to ease printing costs, control printing tendencies and ease your corporation’s impact on the environment, contact us at TWS Digital for a print management assessment and leave the rest up to us!

We will find the best solution for your business today.