What is the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act and its purpose?

The POPI Act sets out the minimum standards regarding the accessing and processing of any personal information belonging to an individual. The act defines ‘processing’ as the ‘collecting, receiving, recording, organising, retrieving, or the use, distribution or sharing’ of any such information.

How can businesses remain abreast of the POPI Act today? 

Through the use of paper shredders, you can help your business to be POPI compliant in the way that you can securely destroy all paper documents containing confidential information such as personal details, employee records, payroll and financial documents, customer records and more.

Why do you need to be compliant with your document disposal?

Simply filing away old documents (past the administered given time frame) is hasty and possibly, risky. Old documents take up unnecessary space and leave a business open to the chance of document loss and of course, theft. 

A business should therefore rather get rid of personal documents carefully and permanently through the use of paper shredders.

In the world of business, over 60% of all confidential information is imprinted on paper and archives holding this data, as well as your client’s confidential information, are frequently discarded into waste paper bins which go out onto the road, as we are well aware.

As paper holds recycling value, the data contained within them are attractive for thieves that can carry out fraud and identity theft! 

This is problematic for businesses who do not hold enough Data Insurance as it can be defamatory for your company’s directors and managers who will have to deal with harsh sanctions of punishments which are enforced by the POPI Act – this can be a monetary fine of up to R10 million or ten years’ of penitentiary detainment. 

How can TWS Digital help your business?

We can supply the right paper shredders for your business, no matter your leasing requirements, budget, shred-volume requirements, the media you need to shred or what level of DIN security you need to apply! We have the perfect solution for your business and we ensure any maintenance or issues with your machines are sorted as, and when, you need them! 

Consider how best to comply with the requirements of the POPI Act in terms of the destruction of personal information for your business dealings. Paper shredders, they’re changing the way we do business, starting now! 

Feel free to contact us for more information or to get your business sorted with the right solutions for you!