Office Vault Software

Office Vault provides technology powered by artificial intelligence, that automatically captures data from documents, whether they are scanned, photographed or digital. Office Vault was designed with you in mind, a powerful document management cloud solution packed with a host of features for your everyday business needs. Over 41 Years experience combined into a work of art solution, made to help run your business in an affordable way.


Improve Accuracy

No error-prone manual data entry, simply let Office Vault capture the data you want and deliver it how you want it in seconds.

Save Money

Remove the costs of data entry or complex and expensive electronic data interchange (EDI) and combine with cost-effective per document pricing for a super quick ROI. 

Work Smarter

Streamline processes, spend time on what is important and make decisions quicker with real time reporting and tracking.

What can Office Vault do?

Print Management

We help businesses reduce costs and unnecessary spending using print policies.

Scan Workflow

  • Our scanning solution has been designed to automate document workflows, which captures, processes and stores scanned documents.

Digital Signing

  • Easily and securely distribute documents, forms and contracts from Office Vault or your favourite application for your customers to electronically sign or approve.

"The next generation automated data entry software"

Where OCR meets AI...

Smart Invoice Capture

  • Office Vault enables touchless invoice data capture that’s easy to use, highly accurate… no more complex setup, manual data entry, paper stacks and wasted time.

Smart Receipt Capture

  • Whether you are a business process outsourcing provider, market research company or simply want to streamline your expense reimbursement process – if you are processing a large volume of receipts Office Vault can help you.

Smart Contract Capture

  • Office Vault searches through your contracts, identifies the relevant information, uses AI to interpret and analyse the date, presents the data in the original document for review and the data is made available in Office Vault console.

Document management powered by AI

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