Interactive Whiteboards

The EduBoard is the perfect tool for every teacher, whether you are teaching in class or remotely, teaching has never been easier. Incredible integration with all your digital tools and platforms makes these a must-have that has been designed specifically for education.


Utilizing software like mozaWeb from the interactive touch display, you can integrate ANY of your own resources, documents, PDF, textbooks and share them in class or remotely with students. The EduTouch makes it easy to teach with MS team, Google class, or your Classera LMS presenting, engaging and sharing immersive digital content has never been easier.

Easy Installation

Relatively easy installation – same as mounting a TV, just a bit heavier.

Image Quality

No need to close blinds or curtains, allowing natural light into room.

Multi Touchpoint

LED screens allow for the most complex touch controls, and can even permit up to 10 separate touch points using static pens or fingers.

Next level learning

If you want to provide a fully integrated and digital learning experience for your students or staff, get in touch today.

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